In my house it is forbidden to throw the pasta water, the reason is the salvation of everyone in the home

The planet is our home and we must take care of it to be able to stay alive. Many say that littering on the street is not a problem, but the truth is that this seriously affects the planet. To give an example, a plastic bottle lasts thousands of years before it can disintegrate.

In case you do not think that climate change affects us, think about what happened recently. In the last winter of the year 2017, the United States suffered one of the harshest winters in history.

So strong was the cold wave that, as we learned from unofficial sources, even in a certain part of Mexico it snowed. Of course, this last fact can not be assured that it is completely true. What we do know is that it was quite cold.

Therefore, actions are being taken to contribute to the preservation of the environment and avoid climate change. Keep in mind that what you do, however small it may seem, can have a great effect on the planet. Remember that, if each one puts his part, we will do a great job together.

Something we should not waste is water. As we know, this is one of the most precious resources on the planet. In fact, some have taken the audacity to say that the next wars will not be for oil, but for water. For this reason, we must take care and value this precious liquid necessary for life.

Surely you have cooked pasta once in your life. This is not uncommon, because it is a delicious dish that gives us great advantages. But what does pasta have to do with the subject we are talking about? Well, to prepare it, we need water. At the end of cooking them, we just boiled water. But today we want to show you how to make the most of it and give it impressive uses.

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To water the plants
This water is full of very good minerals for plants. In addition, being temperate, will make your plants grow healthy and strong.

For sauce and pesto

You can use the same water that you used to prepare the pasta to make your sauces. This will give a special touch to your plate.

Bread and pizza dough

The salt water that you use to make your pasta is very good for kneading the bread or pizza flour. You can use the amount that is necessary.

Moisten the vegetables
This is a very good technique when it comes to cooking. You can put your vegetables in the water that you prepared the pasta to make them soften easily. To achieve this, you can leave them there until the next day.

To wash the dishes

In case you did not know, the starch that the pastas possess has detergent properties. Therefore, you can use it with complete confidence to wash dishes and pots. That way, you will make better use of water and save on detergents.

Spa for the feet
This water will help your feet relax and leave them beautiful and soft.

For the hair
The water of the paste can condition your hair very well. You should only use it to rinse your hair or leave it in this water for 10 minutes. Afterwards, you will rinse your hair as usual and notice the big changes.

Base for soups
This water is very good for preparing vegetable soups or stews. That’s why, the next time you make pasta, do not waste it.

You may have known some of these uses for pasta water. However, we are sure that new lake you will have learned from this article. If you found interesting information, share it on your social networks with your friends.

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