For 20 years I support the pain in the joints, who would say that this was the solution

Health is paramount for all people, regardless of their origin or their social position. This is something that we all have access to and the right to demand. Therefore, it is very important that we try to stay healthy.

Good nutrition and exercise can contribute to keep us healthy. Both activities will positively affect our long-term health. This will prevent the future from suffering from ills that could have been prevented.

However, not all diseases can be avoided. To give an example, we can not avoid suffering pain in the knees or suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis. These diseases can cause us great pain.

Occasionally, the pain in the knees and joints may be so severe that it leaves us prostrate in bed. This is something that none of us would like to live. On the contrary, we would like to try to avoid this to the fullest. For this, it would be good to know some very useful natural remedies.


Today we want to tell you about a very good milkshake that you can prepare at home. With this shake you can eliminate pain in the joints and feel like new. The best part is that you may already have the ingredients in your own home. So pay attention to the following information so you can make the most of it.

Joint pain is still a great challenge for traditional medicine. So far, no method has been discovered to correct them in a concrete and effective way. The only thing that can be done is to try to relieve the pain. For this, drugs with anti-inflammatory properties are used. However, these medications can have negative consequences in the stomach.


Diseases such as arthrosis and arthritis cause severe joint pain. This happens almost permanently, unless it is treated in time. If we do nothing, over time we may become immobilized. In the best of cases, at least we can move with the help of a cane.

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That is why we want to talk to you about a very effective remedy. It is a Russian natural remedy that will eliminate your joint pains in a 2X3. Then we will leave you all the details you need to know in order to take advantage of this remedy and face this terrible disease.

What we will need:

– Eggplant (1 unit).

– Water (1 liter).

Preparation and use:


To start, you should boil the water in a pot. When it reaches the boiling point, you will put out the fire and add the aubergines, chopped into slices that are not very thick. When the water has cooled to room temperature, you should strain the preparation. You should store 750 ml of this mixture on one side and keep the rest in another container.

Keep in mind that you can use this mixture for both internal use and external use. The 750 ml will be left for internal use. This amount you will divide into 3 equal portions to take them throughout the day. The first portion will be taken on an empty stomach, the second before lunch and the last before bed.

In the case of external use, you must add 50 ml of olive oil to the substance. After mixing both ingredients, apply it to the painful areas. Remember that while you apply it, you should go doing gentle massages. The time to do this is before you go to sleep. As it is important to keep the heat in the area, the ideal is to tie a handkerchief or bandage after the application.


With this simple remedy, you can eliminate pain in the joints easily and without much effort. Put it into practice and you will notice the great benefits it will provide. If this remedy seemed useful to you, share it with all your friends in your social networks

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