Raise The Memory More Than 80%, Recover The Vision And Regenerate The Bones

Over the years, certain things may become difficult for us, like memorizing things. On the other hand, there are the bone pains that come with age. However, these are problems that can be easily treated with good nutrition.

In this article we want to tell you about 15 things you can take or eat to improve your brain function, relieve bone pain and recover your vision quickly and effectively.

Now, in order to achieve your results, you will need to be constant in your consumption. All the foods that we will be talking about are totally natural. Also, you will easily find it in your pantry or refrigerator.

But the best of all is that incorporating them into your daily diet will not cost you much money, time or effort. All are very delicious and by ingesting them daily you will check their results. Then we tell you what they are.


-Tomatoes: these contain lycopene, which protects your brain cells from damage caused by free radicals.
-Nuts: increase the flow of oxygen in addition to having many nutrients and omega 3. These strengthen the blood vessels of the brain.

-Apple: they are especially useful to keep fit and take care of brain health.
-Beet: regulates the blood flow of our body and brain.

-Whole grains: these have a high content of omega 3, fiber and carbohydrates. All three are very necessary to achieve good brain health.

-Dark chocolate: this food contains many antioxidants and caffeine. Both compounds improve your concentration and help memorize.

-Turmeric: this fruit increases memory and prevents inflammation.

-Rosemary: this spice is especially useful to increase memory and improve concentration. Its chemical composition increases brain performance and its smell is very pleasant.

-Whole eggs: its yolk has colima, a compound that benefits brain health and sharpens memory.
-Avocado: this delicious fruit improves blood flow in the brain.

-Acorn squash: since it is rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid, it works very well to -improve memory. In addition, it protects our brain from possible injuries.

-Green tea: by taking two to three cups a day, we improve our memory and sharpen our brain capacity. On the other hand, it increases the concentration, cognitive functions and electrical connectivities of the brain.
-Onions: when consumed raw, we improve the memory in a high percentage.

-Fish: it is well known by all that fish is rich in omega 3, essential for brain health.
-Cranberries: This fruit has many antioxidants that help the brain stay young longer.

-Besides improving your brain health, vision and relieving bone pain, these foods contribute to your overall health. Do not hesitate to add them to your diet and you will feel its effects. If you do, you will not forget to share the article so that others can also learn about its benefits.

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