Dermatologists are scared and angry because the remedy that removes fungi from the feet is revealed

We all care a lot about our physical appearance, as it says a lot about us. For that reason, we take care of it to the maximum, especially those more visible areas. But what can be said about our feet?

Many pay attention to the face, hands and other visible parts. However, we forget to pay attention to our feet. Due to this, they can suffer a lot and suffer from severe damages.

One of those damages that we will be talking about today is mushrooms. These usually attack enclosed and humid areas of our body. When using shoes throughout the day, the feet sweat and remain moist. This creates the perfect environment for mushrooms to develop.

To eliminate the fungi between the fingers and the nails there are many drugs. Some buy creams and other products to eliminate them. But why buy medicines if you can eliminate them with home remedies? Today we want to talk to you about different remedies that you can prepare in your home. With them you can eliminate fungi quickly and effectively, without risking your health or spending a lot of money.

Apple vinager

The first remedy to eliminate the fungi of the feet is prepared based on apple cider vinegar. This product is present in almost every household. In fact, it is likely that you also have a little in your kitchen.

This natural ingredient serves as a very potent and effective antibiotic. No matter what your infection is, this will be your perfect ally to eliminate it. However, to enhance its power we must mix it with other ingredients. Next, we leave you a list with what you will need and how to prepare this remedy.

What we will need:

– Apple cider vinegar (1 glass).

– Lemons (2 units).

– Rosemary (1 branch).

– Garlic (3 teeth).

– Water (100 ml).

Preparation and use:
To start, we should slice the lemons and peel the garlic cloves very well. Now, we will put the water in a pot along with the lemons and garlic, in addition to the rosemary. After a short time boiling, turn off the heat and let it cool. Once cold, add the vinegar and mix everything very well. Finally, we filter the mixture to extract everything solid.

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Before using this liquid, you should wash your feet very well with natural soap. Afterwards, you will dry your feet with a soft towel. Then, you will apply the substance that you have prepared with vinegar on the affected area with fungi. This process must be repeated as many times as necessary until the fungi disappear.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is also very good at eliminating fungi. But it is special that, in addition to fighting them, creates a protective layer to prevent them from reappearing on your feet. To take advantage of it, we should only apply 3 drops in the area with mushrooms and let it dry. We will repeat this process 3 times a day until the fungi disappear.

Some recommendations

Humidity is one of the main causes of fungus in the feet. Therefore, we should try to dry them very well after showering. The same must be done with regard to sweat, washing our feet and drying them. We must also allow our foot to rest and breathe outdoors from time to time.

Something we can also do is use cotton socks. Also, we should put our feet in the sun whenever possible. In this way, we will eliminate the fungi and prevent them from causing damage.

Just by following these simple tips we can face the fungus, eliminate it and prevent it. Do not let it come to ruin your delicate feet. Prepare these remedies and eliminate them forever. If some of your friends want to eliminate the mushrooms, share this article with them so that they learn to do it.