8 direct damages caused by the lack of intimate relationships with a woman

While it is true, to start this content we will ask the following question: How much does a person suffer from lack of activity under the sheets? This human need goes far beyond the enjoyment and exchange of feelings.

Yes, because when a woman lacks the love of her partner, they emotionally resort to generating problems, expressing their discomforts and frustrations by not having any contact with her partner.

There are different ways to check if this is really true and then we will mention the 8 most important ways for you to discover and do something about it, before she looks for someone and you bounce on the street.

1. Lack of sleep.

Due to the little activity, they produce too much oxytocin, a hormone linked to the release of energy and consequently to lack of sleep, so if you see her wake up every night, do not ask the reason anymore, you know what happens to her.

2. Wrinkles
Undoubtedly the youthful face fades, something completely normal, however, if you suddenly notice that her face has begun to wrinkle, give her your medicine, she will thank you.

3. Appearance of acne.
If we notice that suddenly, the face has lost its natural shine and there is more acne than usual it can be a clear indication of lack of time with the couple, because even if you do not believe it, the lack of progesterone, which occurs during those romantic encounters, makes that in your face this is manifested through the hated granites.

4. Little or no socialization.
By not having physical contact, the metabolism of them stops producing endorphins “Hormones of happiness”, causing a hormonal decontrol and reflecting it through their isolation with others. It is important to know that any activity of a couple contributes to having a better state of mind and although many times they try to ignore it, it is a need that can not be repressed.

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5. Use analgesics.
All these circumstances lead women to resort to drugs that help them forget the pain they feel because of social isolation and disinterest in having physical contact with their partner. Did you know?

6. Insecurity
Not having this type of experience provokes a dissatisfaction that can lead to depression, anxiety and difficulties in making the right decisions. Something that puts them so badly, that they distrust even their own shadow.

7. Neglecting
Watch out! Feeling lonely can lead to wrong decisions, especially when it comes to problems in the couple. Neglect is presented from the fact that they believe that their partner has completely lost interest in them, which is why the consequences are reflected in physical appearance.

8. Low self-esteem.


Although it may not seem like it, the lack of activity under the sheets affects the self-esteem of the women, causing them to feel dissatisfied with themselves.

The lack of action in bed is of the utmost importance, for as long as you give your partner time, he will surely value you more. Remember that they need to feel and live the moments with you, an important reason to be happy. And you, what do you think about it?