The food that we all eat is killing a lot of people especially women with breast cancer

Many people would like to improve their diet, which is why they make changes in their food routine. Some of them have stopped consuming eggs and meats to consume tofu or soy cheese. This is something very personal, but we want you to know something important about it.

Although industries try to persuade you to eat the “healthy” soy cheese, it is not as healthy. In fact, new studies claim that it is better to continue eating eggs and meat before tofu.

According to Dr. Daniel, this product is not natural and can be very dangerous. Although it is true that it provides nutrients, it also leaves many toxic and carcinogenic substances in the body. That is why the population is being alerted to this danger.

In clear and simple words, the soy cheese blocks the absorption of other minerals and trypsin. As a result, digestion is blocked, so we can not process the food we eat. Hence, it is considered as one of the foods that has the most anti-nutrients.

Consequences of the soy diet

– Cancer.

– Brain damage.

– Allergies to soy.

– Reproductive disorders.

– Increases homocysteine ‚Äč‚Äčlevels.

– Produces problems of puberty, premature development in adolescents, children and babies.

– Increase the risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke and birth defects.

– It produces thyroid problems including lethargy, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, malaise and loss of libido.

Something we all understand is that babies and children are still very vulnerable in the development process. Therefore, the effects produced by soy hormone can have fatal consequences. Those who consume soy-based milk are the most affected. The blood pool of this hormone can be between 13,000 and 22,000 times more estrogen than allowed in the blood. This is something that even pregnant women should avoid at all costs.


Soybeans are also considered as an anti-nutrient food. These have inhibitors that prevent the enzymes responsible for making protein digestion to do their job. Even after having cooked them, they still have the same effect. In the end, we can end up developing extensive and chronic gastric diseases. Nor can we absorb the amino acids, resulting in dangerous pancreatic alterations and cancer.

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Almost all soybeans are transgenic and have high levels of contamination by pesticides. It also contains goitrogens that transport depressed thyroid function. On the other hand, the haemagglutinins present in it cause the red blood cells to clump together. As if that were not enough, they suppress the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Safe way to consume soy

Natto – this product has a cheese-like flavor and catchy texture. In addition, it has a high content of natokinase, a blood thinner. Vitamin K2 also has a beneficial bacterium named subtilis bacillus.

Tempeh – This is a cake that tastes like nuts. It has the shape of mushroom and is very firm texture.

Miso – said product is commonly used in miso soup. This is not more than a paste with salt and very buttery texture.

Soy sauce – there are many varieties of this product made with artificial chemicals. The authentic soy is produced by the fermentation of soy, salt and some enzymes.

Some soy-based foods that are not good are hamburgers, cheese, energy bars and protein powders. You should try to avoid these foods if you want to stay healthy. Instead, try to prepare the food for yourself.

Try to eat fresh, processed and fermented foods. On the other hand, avoid processed foods at all costs. That way you’ll stay healthy. So that everyone finds out about the danger of soy cheese, share this news on your social networks.