With a liter of milk, a yogurt and a half of lemon you will prepare a magnificent fresh cheese

In the supermarket we can find a wide variety of cheeses, but there are those who prefer to buy things that have been made in a traditional way, this includes small businesses, since they have a better taste and less harm to health.

If you are interested in creating your own fresh cheese, we will tell you what ingredients you need, in addition to the steps you should follow.

Do not forget that cheese is one of the main sources of calcium, a mineral essential for the health of bones and teeth, in addition calcium absorption is favored by the protein that contains the cheese. Keep reading so you can learn how to prepare it.



1 liter of pasteurized milk (below we tell you what type of milk to use to make the cheese go well
45 cm3 of well-filtered lemon juice
1 pinch of salt
Dry chili, oregano, pepper or whatever you want to flavor

Heat the milk over low heat (not boiling), always stirring. Choose those that come in sachet (bag) or bottle, not box or long life, it will not set the cheese.

Once the first bubbles are on the edge, remove from the heat and place the lid; let stand 20 minutes.
Add, in this order: the filtered lemon juice, then the cream and finally the yogurt. Stir gently for a few minutes and then let rest for 10 minutes.

Return the pot to medium heat until the milk begins to “cut”. You will notice because clots of curds appear that separate from the liquid serum. At this point add the salt, stirring well.

Remove as much curd as you can with a spoon, and then put it in a sieve with diaper gauze or cheese cloth. Leave suspended on a container to continue releasing the serum.

Add the herbs you want to the curd. If you need inspiration in this note we give you ideas that few know to make cheeses with herbs.

Knead the pasta a little to shape the homemade cheese. For example, you can create a tube and roll it over the spices, to achieve a very tasty outer covering.

Place in a tight plastic container until the time of use, always inside the refrigerator.
Note: Remember to consume this homemade fresh cheese during the first week of preparation. It is exquisite to use in sandwiches, pizzas or cakes.