Lost 20 kilos of weight, with this easy but effective remedy that my grandmother taught me

The human body is very similar to a system in which all the parts work together. Thanks to this teamwork, the system can perform very complex tasks. Well, thanks to the work of all the organs, it is possible to keep us alive.

It is true that there are vital organs, because without them life would not be possible. On the other hand, we have other bodies that are not so essential and we can live without them. However, this does not mean that these organs are useless.

All the organs of the body have an important function. Even those that can be extirpated have an important function. Therefore, even if you extract it and continue with life, you will see that it is necessary to medicate regularly to satisfy the function of the extracted organ.

One of these vital organs for life is the intestine. However, few people give it the importance they have. What few know is that this can influence the weight we have. As you have just read, the intestine directly influences our weight. So, if you want to lose weight, it’s time to pay attention to this body.

As we know, the intestine or colon is the body responsible for expelling toxic substances from the body. Through the poop, it expels all the waste of the food we eat from inside the body. Thanks to this, we can stay healthy and avoid intoxication. But this also helps us lose weight.

Many people feel their belly swollen or they see that they are gaining weight. Therefore, they exercise a lot, diets and many other activities in order to lose weight. However, they notice that nothing works for them as they would like. What happens is that, in order to lose weight, we must first determine the cause of our overweight.


Many times, that belly that we have is not fat accumulated in the body. Rather, it could be clogged up in the colon or intestine. In that case, no matter how many diets or exercises we do, we can not lose weight. To lose weight being this the situation, what we should do is clean our intestines. But how to do it?

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Today we want to show you a very effective natural remedy for it. This drink is prepared with natural ingredients, so it does not put our health at risk. But better than that, it will help us lose weight quickly and without complications. Would you like to know how it is prepared? Next, we leave you all the instructions you need to know.

What we will need:

– Pineapple (2 pieces).

– Aloe (1 unit).

– Lemon (1 unit).

– Cucumber (1 unit).

– Apple (1 unit).

– Oranges (2 units).

Preparation and use:


Preparing this natural drink is much easier than you can imagine. The first step is to clean all the ingredients, as necessary. Now, we will place them all in a blender. In the case of the aloe, we must first extract its interior or the crystal, which will be what we will be using. Now, we only have to liquefy everything very well until we obtain a homogeneous drink.

This drink should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast for 15 continuous days. As soon as you start taking it, you will notice how your belly reduces its size and you lose weight. Exhausted the 15 days, not only you will be thinner, without you will have your intestine clean.

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What are you waiting to cleanse your bowel and lose weight, all at the same time. If that is what you want, you should only prepare and consume the beverage that we have shown you in this article. We assure you that you will be surprised with the results. If you think that some of your friends would be interested in preparing this drink, share this information with them in your social networks.