10 alternative uses of the Nivea Cream that almost nobody knows!

There is a cream that is very famous worldwide and it has been so for many years, it is the Nivea cream.

Your mom should surely have one of these creams in her house and that it serves to moisturize her skin, although there are very few people who know everything she can contribute. That is why this time we will let you know the alternative uses of Nivea cream.

It is essential that you learn it or print it so you do not forget, you will see that it will be very helpful.

Eliminate cracks in the feet: Spread the Nivea cream on your feet and massage gently before sleeping, put on some stockings and the next day you will see the spectacular results and enjoy soft feet.

It is make-up remover: Apply a good amount on your makeup face and gently remove with a cotton ball, you will notice how the makeup disappears along with the cream. Then you wash your face with warm water or water at room temperature.

Capillary ointment: You can also use it for hair, anoint in the dry areas of your hair and restore the life and shine that you should never lose.

Eliminates wrinkles around the eyes: Effective to erase the crow’s feet that appear in the corner of the eyelids. Apply a little Nivea every night.

Prevents post-pregnancy stretch marks: To avoid this, use Nivea cream daily and massage the areas where you may be prone to stretch marks, such as the hips, abdomen, belly, etc.

Rinse your knees: Smear Nivea cream on your knees to lighten and soften them.

Moisturize the face: Both genders should hydrate the face, and what better than with Nivea cream. Apply during the night with circular massages.

Moisten your hands: using this cream leaves your hands perfectly healthy and soft. It also prevents the appearance of calluses and blisters.

Moisturize the lips: If you are from people who have dry lips, it is advisable to apply Nivea every day until you see the results.

Relieves sensitive skin: If your skin turns red after having spent some time exposed to the sun, apply Nivea in the reddish areas to feel freshness and avoid dryness.

From now on you know everything you can do with the Nivea cream you have in your house, give it the right use. Share this post!

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