This exclusive root will strength your lungs and your breath will never be lacking

The lungs are vital organs for the support of life. Without them, it is impossible to continue living, so we must take good care of them. However, there are many external factors that can interfere with your well-being.

People who smoke, are exposed to strong gases and other factors, can develop lung problems. However, it is possible to protect them and restore their health in case they are in poor condition. For this, we will tell you about several natural remedies. But first, we’ll talk about the benefits of having lungs in good condition.

With strong lungs you can …

– Good dilation of the bronchi.

– Have a breath with quality.

– Better recovery of physical activities.

– Reduces the possibility of suffering from viral diseases.

– Reduces the absorption of toxic substances from the environment.

Remedy # 1: Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus is one of the most used plants to help strengthen the lungs. This is due to its high menthol composition. It contributes to the maximum opening of the bronchi, improving the obtaining of air.

What we will need:


– Eucalyptus leaves (2 tablespoons).

– Water (2 liters).

Preparation and use:

To begin with, we must put the water to boiling point. At that time, we will add the eucalyptus leaves and cover the pot. In this way, we will get the substance of the leaves concentrated in the water.

While still in the fire, bring your face to the pot with care not to burn yourself. Now, you will inhale the menthol vapor for at least 10 minutes. You will immediately feel how your breathing improves. This process you will repeat every time you struggle to breathe.

Remedy # 2: Horse Chestnut


The chestnuts from India are excellent at strengthening and improving the functioning of the lungs. Therefore, more and more people are using it for this purpose.

What we will need:

– Indian chestnut (1 tablespoon).

– Water (1 cup).

Preparation and use:

The first step is to boil the water. When it is boiling, we should add the Indian chestnut. Now, let’s settle in the background and turn off the fire. Then, we will strain the mixture and take this drink 2 or 3 times a week. We can also do it when cough, bronchitis or asthma appears.

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Remedy # 3: Licorice Root


This is another of the very effective natural ingredients to keep the lungs at 100%. It helps to soften the irritations of the respiratory system. Next, we explain how to use it.

What we will need:

– Licorice root (1 piece).

– Water (1 cup).

Preparation and use:

Like the previous remedies, we must put the water to heat until it boils. Then, we will add the licorice root. Now, we will allow the decoction to be performed for 5 minutes. Afterwards, we strain the substance and let it rest for a few minutes. Finally, we will take this remedy. Hypertensive people should NOT consume this infusion.

Remedy # 4: Bay leaves


Those who have asthma or live with smokers, passive smoke injuries can manifest in each inspiration. For these cases, it is very useful to use bay leaves as a remedy. These will protect our lungs and purify them little by little.

What we will need:

– Bay leaves (2 units).

– Madreserlva (1 tablespoon).

– Water (1 cup).

Preparation and use:

In the same way as the previous remedies, we will heat the water to the boiling point. Then, we will add bay leaves and honeysuckle. Now, let cook the infusion for 5 more minutes. Exhausted that time, we will extinguish the fire, cover and let stand for 10 minutes.

If you live with smokers, you should drink 1 cup of tea per day, 3 times a week. That will be enough to repair your lungs and leave them as new.

Any of these remedies will be very useful to repair your lungs. If you consume them, you will improve your health and you will be able to breathe much better. That way, you can avoid complicating your health while enjoying a delicious cup of tea. So that others also know about this wonder, share it with your friends in your social networks.