Mental retardation, cancer, premature graying, anemia … Do not joke with folic acid!

Many people do not give the necessary importance to folic acid, something essential for women who are pregnant, because thanks to this their children will be born without any complications.

For those who do not know, folic acid is a vitamin that can dissolve in water, and is essential in our lives.

Our intestine produces some folic acid, but mainly we get it from food. One reason why this compound is very important is because it helps the production of the cells that make up the blood, all the globules and the platelets, as well as also play a role in the production of RNA.

The incredible potential of folic acid

The incredible potential of folic acid

Among the products where you can find folic acid we mainly have green spices (oregano, basil, parsley, mint, among others).

It is also present in chicken liver and peanuts. Cooking these foods, however, reduces the amount of folic acid you will swallow because the heat can destroy part of the vitamin compound.

But if you want to obtain folic acid in other ways, we also have the option of using the tablets that you can find in pharmacies. They are not very expensive, and you will not need a prescription because they are open so that everyone can buy them.

You may wonder, what happens if we do not have much folic acid? Well many negative things that can harm your life and your health. A child who does not have enough folic acid in their body may have mental retardation, or serious growth disorders. An adult without enough folic acid will suffer from anemia, severe migraines, stomatitis, memory problems and paranoia, among others.

To determine how much folic acid we will ingest, we should leave it to our doctor, because the dosage depends on our lifestyle. Athletes, who spend a lot of time in the sun, need to ingest more because they use everything that this vitamin provides them quickly. Also women who are pregnant, or who use birth control pills, and smokers, consume folic acid very quickly.

What is generally recommended for adult consumption is a daily dose of at least 200 grams and a maximum of 500 grams. If 200 is not enough, you should increase it little by little to improve the state of your body.

But the main time to increase the dose is when the baby is pregnant during pregnancy, because the baby requires folic acid to form properly. Visit your doctor and ask him what is the ideal dose for you.

Regarding certain benefits that folic acid offers in an evident way: the skin of your body will be rejuvenated and the shine of your hair will shine. This vitamin is very useful because in addition its excesses will not cause you problems: it is water soluble and can be eliminated through excretion.

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