Red Onions – Powerful Natural Antibiotic That Can Treat The Following Health Conditions…


Are you the person who usually put aside the onions of your meals because of their strong smell and taste? Knowing some of the benefits of purple onion could change your preference.

The Onion can be found in several shades of yellow, white and purple. But the difference is not only in their appearance and taste; some of them have more health benefits than others.

The purple onion, also called red onions, not only contain a greater amount of antioxidant properties and flavonoids, which helps to lighten the blood, but also have quercetin, allicin and chromium in them.

Quercetin is a potent compound that helps the body get rid of free radicals and lower blood pressure, and has been shown to be beneficial both for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who consumed a diet high in this tuber had a lower risk of several common cancers, such as colon, breast and prostate

Other studies suggest that anthocyanins, which give onions their red / purple color, may play a role in reducing the risk of diabetes and dementia.

Amazing Benefits You Earn on Consuming Red Onions

1.Prevents heart disease: There is evidence that the purple onion sulfur compounds have an anticoagulant capacity. Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In order for its effect to be real, it is necessary to increase its consumption. Relatively small amounts are usually eaten.

2.Combat cancer: Consume it, even moderate amounts five or six times a week, reduces the risk of developing different types of cancer, such as the ovary, rectal color or larynx, thanks to its rich source of flavonoids.

3.Allied to maintain your ideal weight: Purple onions contain few calories, only 45 per piece. They are low in sodium, without fat or cholesterol. They provide fiber, essential for a good digestion and to maintain a feeling of satiety.

4.Promotes oral health: Although eating purple onions causes bad breath, chewing it raw for two to three minutes helps kill most of the germs in the mouth causing decay, given its antimicrobial agents. In addition, it strengthens the teeth, says the study of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Kuwait.

To avoid the bad breath that comes from eating the onion, you could chew a sprig of parsley or rinse your mouth with water and lemon juice. Another option is to chew the peel of a citrus.

5.Blood sugar level: The more purple onions you eat, the lower your blood glucose levels. This is due to the allyl disulfide propyl and chromium, minerals found in these vegetables.

6.Anti-inflammatory : Red onions reduce inflammation in the bones and throat, as well as in blood vessels. These reduce many of the symptoms of osteoporosis, asthma and even the common cold.

7.Cardiovascular Health: Chromium and vitamin B6 found in onions help increase cardiovascular health. Specifically, these compounds lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

So now when asked, “Are purple onions good for you?” You can respond with a resounding “Yes!” They are really a nerve center for the body.