Trick to Remove Unwanted Hairs In 5 Min

Do you need to remove hairs of body parts? If you are a woman, then read this. This recipe is with just 2 items.

Excess hairs are seen in face, hands, feet, back and are a cosmetic problem. This damages our self-esteem.

The common causes are hormone imbalance, meds, irregular period and pregnancy too.

You can remove them in many ways; laser, wax, shaving, electrolysis, but they last a while and can be costly.

Nature also helps and is cheap as well.


You need:

A cup baby oil

1 tbsp iodine 2%


Mix the items and that is all. Rub it on the skin for 2 min, after 5 min with damp cloth wipe this. Repeat it for a few days and see hairs gone.

People swear by this and even claim hairs never grew again.

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