Learn how to prepare a shampoo so that your hair never falls out, grows long and beautiful

Both men and women are those who suffer from hair loss, although in women it is where more trauma imposes them.
Although in the market there are many shampoos and treatments to prevent hair loss, these are usually very expensive or include a lot of chemicals, which irritate the scalp and affect instead of favoring.

But if you like natural remedies, we will let you know the recipe for a remedy that will help you to strengthen your hair in a very simple way, besides being easy to prepare. Continue reading so you can find out how to do it.


Shampoo to strengthen hair

To prepare this homemade shampoo that fights hair loss, we will only need 3 ingredients. The first one is a shampoo with neutral pH. This type of shampoo does not mistreat hair or scalp. A very good shampoo in this aspect is the baby shampoo. These shampoos are designed for the soft and delicate skin of children.

A second ingredient that we will need is some rosemary essential oil. It is capable of exfoliating the hair follicles. Also, it is able to strengthen the hair to prevent its fall. As if that were not enough, it delays the appearance of gray hair at an early age, in addition to leaving the hair shiny.

The last ingredient that we will need, will be several capsules of Vitamin E. These capsules, besides being rich in vitamin E, also have antioxidants that protect the hair from many damages, among them, the damages caused by UV rays and oxidation. Optionally we can add the juice of half a lemon to the shampoo for better results.

What we will need:

Rosemary oil (10 drops).
Shampoo (1 bottle).
Vitamin E (2 capsules).
Lemon juice (½ unit).
Method of preparation and use:

The first step is to add the drops of rosemary oil to the bottle with the shampoo. Next, we will add the juice of half a lemon and the 2 capsules of vitamin E. Finally, we will cover the bottle and shake it until we obtain a homogeneous substance. With that, our anti-hair shampoo is ready to be used.

Now, we will moisten the hair and we will rub the shampoo in all the hair. We will go from the scalp to the tip of the hair. While we wash it, we should go doing a gentle massage on the scalp for 10 minutes. Then, we will let the substance act for 10 more minutes. finally, we rinse our hair with plenty of warm water.

After performing this process, you will notice how your hair immediately undergoes a great change for the better. If you repeat this process several times a week, in a short time your hair will stop falling. Share this incredible remedy!