I spend last 30 years with stretch marks because I did not know that and this simple homemade trick took them away from the roots

The skin is one of the most sensitive organs and, at the same time, the most exposed of the whole body. When it is outside, it receives all weather damage, UV rays and other factors. For this reason, many find it difficult to have radiant and beautiful skin; in perfect state.

And it is that, although we take all the measures, we can not avoid that it is exposed to situations that cause him damage. Therefore, it is very likely that your skin has some damage. In the worst case, may appear wrinkles or very ugly spots that can not be undone.

Now, this is not the only problem facing the skin. There are many other things that can cause damage and leave marks. Something that few people think can cause harm, is the sudden increase and loss of weight. This not only makes you look bad in the physical sense, but it also causes horrible streaks.

Do you have stretch marks on any part of the body? If you have already had children, it is likely that you have appeared several in the womb and its surroundings. This is normal because, when the skin stretches with pregnancy, it can not bear it, which is why stretch marks appear. Other parts where stretch marks are common are on the buttocks, legs, arms, abdomen, near the armpits, etc.

These annoying marks on the skin are very unsightly and ugly. If you have had stretch marks, you will know what we are referring to. In fact, it is very likely that you have been forced to wear long clothes to try to hide them. But that does not have to remain your case. There are many methods to combat stretch marks that will be of great help when it comes to eliminating them.

Some often turn to creams and other ‘professional’ products. Unfortunately, they do not always eliminate stretch marks as one would like. On top of that, they are usually quite expensive and hard to come by. Therefore, we want to bring you a very effective homemade method to combat them.

It is a remedy prepared with lemon. As you surely know, lemon has many beneficial properties for health. This is able to eliminate stains, has exfoliating properties and can whiten the skin. The same properties can be used when removing stretch marks.

My throat and lungs were full of mucus from the flu, watch as I took it out all the same day
What we will need:

– Sugar (2 tablespoons).

– Lemon juice (1 unit).

– Coconut oil (several drops).

– Almond oil (1 tablespoon).

Preparation and use:

In a bowl, we must put all the ingredients (except coconut oil) and mix them well. Once we have a homogeneous mixture, we proceed to apply it in the affected areas. While we apply it, we should make gentle circular massages. Then, we will take a hot shower to finally dry well and smear the coconut oil to moisturize the skin.

Other interesting tricks

– To remove stretch marks and stains there is nothing better than daily exfoliation. For this, you can use a special sponge. In these cases, dead skin is removed and new skin is produced, eliminating stretch marks.

– Take hot baths regularly and give gentle massages in the areas where stretch marks appear.

– If your stretch marks are small, you can try sunbathing to tan and disappear. But you must be careful not to expose yourself too much to the sun or you can generate bigger problems.

– Bottled water can also be of great help to eliminate stretch marks. If you keep the skin hydrated, it will retain its elasticity, and stretch marks will be less likely to appear. Drinking 1 liter of water per day is the most recommended.

– Vitamin E is also very good at eliminating stretch marks and skin imperfections. You can use the capsules sold in pharmacies or use creams rich in vitamin E.

Now that you know what you can do, do not let stretch marks force you to hide your body. Rather, follow these tips and you will see how in a very short time they disappear from your life. If you think that this information could help your friends, share it in your social networks.