She Turned 2 Items into Cancer Cure – the Government Did This…

Dr. Johanna Budwig was nominee for Nobel prize in medicine 6 times and we must respect her for that. In her career (she died age 95 in 2003), she cured 90% of cancer patients and she cured every cancer type with no toxins and no side effects. Due to this, she is the biggest enemy for the pharma industry and nuclear one too. Experts were stunned with her success in the 50s and we must know more on her Budwig Protocol.

She said she got the cancer cure but USA doctors will not listen. They just observed the method and got impressed, that is all. They want to make this special and take it with them, so I am blacklisted.

Cancer industry is just lies

Big Pharma makes a fortune with people almost alive so sick people make their profit. Also they dislike finding the cure for cancer, cancer makes profit the most in medicine and they want this to remain unchanged.

Unholy cancer trinity

Radiation, toxins, acidosis are made by drugs and malnutrition and these are the unholy cancer trinity. Acidosis is the last stage and means we are too acidic and the blood cannot retain and use oxygen. Healthy people have blood oxygen between 98-100 with pulse oximeter, and cancer people have this with 60. Oxygen is replaced with waste like carbon dioxide In these people. This oxygen deficit makes tumors that mutate and get energy from sugars. This is not a clean process and the toxins pile up in tissues making toxicity. This makes more acidosis and cell oxygen starvation.

So this might even end as fatal. The science facts backed by science are proven by Dr. Otto Warburg too, Nobel winner in 1931.

Oxygen is crucial for curing cancer. Budwig Protocol means stimulating oxygen better than with other therapies, the body pH gets neutral and we get alkalinity. When we do, the blood has oxygen and this kills cancer cells.

This protocol is based on solution of flaxseed and quark cheese. She said the healthy fat free diets are awful and make a problem. She removed bad fats that steal oxygen of cells and replaced them with good foods and good fats. Also she propagated sunlight, natural source of D vitamin.

Budwig anti-cancer protocol…

This is of 2 stages. The first is natural mix of protein sulfur from quark cheese and omega 3 fats of flaxseed. She said the body works with omega 3 since this is what it needs. Without these fats, the respiration enzymes cannot work and we suffocate even with oxygen air. Deficit in these unsaturated fats impairs us. Id lowers the oxygen supply and we cannot survive without oxygen and good fats.

This is ingested orally but for terminal cases she gave flaxseed in enema form. The other part of the protocol is a special diet, and this has to be followed for 6 months, regardless the signs.

The cure

You need:
  • 1 cup quark cheese (not with homogenized milk)
  • 2-5 tbsp flaxseed oil or 10 capsules OR 1-3 tbsp fresh ground flaxseed (use them fast since they go rancid in air)
  • A bit cayenne


This is well combined and taken orally daily. Stir this with wooden spoon, not metal.

The diet

  • No sugar. Use grape juice or other fresh juices
  • No animal fats (lard, fatback, dripping)
  • No salad dressings of markets
  • No mayo
  • No meat (non-organic)
  • No margarine and butter
  • Have just fresh made juices from celery, carrot, beet
  • Have warm tea 3 times daily (grape, mint, rosehip) sweeten just with honey
  • Avoid sweeteners like fructose syrup
  • Chemical-free diet
  • Reduce drugs and meds
  • No sodas
  • Avoid tap or bottled water, avoid fluoride
  • Make fresh meals/cooked

More tips

  • Use flax seed oil protected of heat, air and light. Must be organic and cold pressed
  • Avoid fish oil and non-flax omega 3s
  • Avoid hydrogen oils
  • Have chlorophyll supplements
  • Have green drinks
  • Take vitamin C daily, 5 g daily to avoid kidney stress
  • Avoid cosmetics and sunscreens
  • Avoid white rice, white bread, white salt, white sugar, white flour and avoid chlorine items
  • No table salt, take unbleached salt
  • Replace soaps, bleach and detergents with healthier options
  • Have tbsp. cold pressed coconut oil daily
  • Use oxygen drink daily, few times

Books of Johanna Budwig

Six of the books can be found in German and just 3 are translated to English.

  1. The oil protein cookbook
  2. Cancer- the problem and solution
  3. Flax oil as a true aid against arthritis, heart infarction, cancer and other diseases


Also, this protocol is due to the research by Budwig herself and is available due to her findings of fat acids. The mix of cottage cheese and flax oil is not just a  cooking novelty. See the video below for more info.