There have always been nutrition and diet plans according to the blood type and therefore there are hot drinks that are ideal for a certain blood type.

Blood type 0

People who have blood type 0 should avoid milk, beans and gluten. Even though they cope well with stress, they have problems with the stomach acids.

Teas that are recommended are those based on ginger, ginseng, green tea and mate tea, which is a widely known substitute for coffee.

We also recommend consuming: parsley, hop, elm bark, dandelion, mulberry leaf, ginger, linden flower, hot mint and rose hip.

Blood type A

These are very emotional and analytical people who are extremely prone to stress, which results in increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Although they do not need coffee, the need for a predominantly plant food will be completedby drinking a suitable tea every day.

Teas that are recommended for people with blood group A are theTaiwanese green tea Gunpowder, tea from pure jasmine flower, a combination of silver jasmine and the green tea Ying Hao, and a mixture of yarrow, calendula and thyme.

We also recommend consuming: greater burdock, white haw, elm bark, rose hip, thistle, ginger, aloe, St. John’s wort…

Blood type B

People with blood type B usually have slow metabolism and are prone to autoimmune diseases, weight gain, lethargy, chronic fatigue and irregular sleep.

They have resistant digestive system, but a weak defense system against bacteria, primarily Escherichia coli.

We recommend you to consumeHyson, green or red organicrooibos without additives, honeybush, lemon and elderberry mix, rooibos, sage and lemon balm.

We also recommend: raspberry leaf, parsley, licorice, mint, elderberry, birch leaf, elm bark, St. John’s wort, dandelion, yarrow, thyme, great burdock and yellow sorrel.

Blood type AB

Members of these blood types are intuitive and are not prone to stress. If you are one of them focus on specific types of green tea, mint, peony, sandalwood and rice drinks. The ideal choice of teais the natural yellow teaor a mix of superior green tea and mint.

We also recommend: white haw, burdock, ginger, strawberry leaf, chamomile, rose hip, licorice.

Which teas need to be avoided according to all blood types:

The use of medicinal plants according to the blood group is a primarily useful supplement in the prevention or in addition to conventional therapies, “says Dr. Ljubinka  Stojkovic, a phytoapitherapist “The blood type is not only significant in the choice of food,” says Dr. Stojkovic.

“Herbs should be used primarily in essential oil forms, as natural as possible. Each blood type needs to respect its characteristics. ”

As there are herbs that correspond to a particular blood type, there are herbs that despite all of the healing properties should not be used.

Dr Ljubinka  Stojkovic explained which herbs need to be avoided according to all blood types:

Blood type 0: aloe, St. John’s wort, strawberry leaves, coltsfoot, corn silk, senna leaves, shepherd’s purse, greater burdock…

Blood type A

People with blood type A, which is the most common blood type, have strong temperament and violently react to all problems in life. Therefore, this group needs phytotherapy in order to calm them down, help their poor mucous membrane and prevent them from colds.Avoid corn silk, red clover, sorrel, rhubarb…

Blood type B: red clover, apricot leaves, linden leaves, coltsfoot, shepherd’s purse, mullein

Blood type AB: aloe, red clover, mullein, linden flower, senna, shepherd’s purse, corn silk, hops

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