If you get loud cramps during the night this is the reason. Just do this and they will not give you more

If you get loud cramps during the night this is the reason. Just do this and they will not give you more
You must have got up at midnight, too, with a strong cramp in one or both legs. These nocturnal cramps are usually the worst, the pain is unbearable and even leave us still.

Have you ever wondered why these annoying cramps? If that is the case, you have arrived at the place indicated. In this article we will tell you what causes nocturnal cramps and how to fight them.
What are nocturnal cramps

Cramps are involuntary and sudden contractions of muscles. This can occur anywhere on the body, although the most common areas are the arms, and legs. They produce a great pain, mainly in the calves when it is in the legs. Another place they usually attack is the quadriceps in the thighs. Usually they appear when we enter into a deep sleep or we are about to wake up.

When cramping episodes occur, the least we want to do is to move. If we try to do it, the pain will be even more acute and we will not be able to bear it. For that reason, nobody likes it when a cramp comes and attacks it. If you want to avoid them, the best solution is to attack what causes them. Next, we list your most common causes and how to fight them.

Little water

If you are suffering from constant cramping lately, you are probably taking too little water. Another reason is that you are passing on fiber levels and there is not enough liquid to process them. Alcoholic beverages can also be a trigger for nighttime cramps.

Unhealthy foods

The body needs certain nutrients and minerals to be healthy. If the body is seen if they, it can trigger spasmodic reactions and cramps. To avoid this, you consume vitamin D, magnesium and other minerals.

Blood chemistry disorder

This imbalance may be due to the lack of absorption of calcium and potation by the body. As a result, cramps will begin to become more frequent. It could also be due to an excess of phosphorus or the presence of hypoglycemia.

Other possible causes could be pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, poor sleeping posture. It could also be triggered by work and mental stress, contraceptive abuse, statins, antipsychotics and other things that alter the brain’s chemical balance. Finally, we can mention advanced age. After the age of 60, a third of women are at risk of cramping.

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How to fight cramp

Posture: Treat the direction of your legs to be the same as the rest of your body. If you sleep on your stomach, make sure your feet are in the same direction.

Diets: Eat foods rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium. In addition, you should try to reduce your intake of coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Avoid cold: for no one is a secret that cold against muscles. Therefore, you must avoid it so that the contractions do not become cramps.

Stretch: Before going to bed, do stretching exercises of the tip of the foot. This will help you relax your calves. If you want you can practice it sitting or standing.

Hydration: try to consume at least 2 liters of water per day so you do not suffer from cramps.

What to do when nighttime cramp appears

Stand up and walk: this will be very painful, but the movement will end with muscle contraction.

Use cold compresses or warm cloths and place them in the area where the cramp appeared.

Massages: perform gentle circular massage to stimulate blood circulation.


When the cramp appears, contract the position of the muscle to force it to relax.

For when the cramp is disappearing, drink a lot of water. If the phenomenon does not go away and the skin starts to flare up and turn red, consult your doctor.

Stretch your legs: If you are standing, put your hands on the wall and leave the cramped leg fully stretched with the heel resting on the floor as a whole, while your other leg flexes. If sitting, lean forward and touch the tip of your foot, pulling towards the body.

In this simple way you can combat the cramp in any of its forms. Therefore, do not continue suffering for this cause, apply the advice that we gave you and will disappear completely. Help your friends get rid of cramps; You just have to share this article with them.